Automation service

Change management is crucial to the successful adoption of new technology. Bringing advanced technology into a laboratory is a major change of routine, and our teams are there to ensure that the transition is smooth. In regard to the adoption of ESwab®, COPAN provides a considerable array of different guides and videos, as well as in-service tours to facilitate the transition from traditional bacteriology to Liquid Based Microbiology. As for Full Laboratory Automation, a Field Application Specialist will remain on site during the pre-installation and validation stage. This knowledgeable specialist will train all staff and assist with the validation process to ensure the successful implementation of ground-breaking technology. COPAN recognizes and supports WASPLab® as the mission critical for the core operation of the laboratory. We have also come to realize that if an issue with WASP® or WASPLab® arises, it should be immediately addressed. This makes us pioneered remote diagnostics support in specimen processing, smart incubation and image analysis. Thanks to our remote accessibility, our Field Service Engineers can assess your instrument at any time- anywhere. Displaying such a leading remote support system guarantees immediate intervention, minimizing any interruptions in laboratory operations and ensuring uptime at the highest level.