Wide Range of Products to Accommodate the Preferences of All Microbiologists

Needles, spreaders and inoculating loops are important tools used in large numbers in clinical microbiology for a multitude of different tasks. Some of these tasks involve the planting and streaking of hundreds of urine specimens per day or the careful selection of suitable material for culture within tenacious samples such as sputum, pus, tissue or feces. The type and style of loop to be used depends on the particular task at hand. Microbiologists often have strong personal preferences as to which style they find most efficient and suited to a particular job. One fact is certain, there is no single multipurpose loop that covers all applications. Some Microbiologists prefer to use metal loops together with a bacteriological incinerator or Bunsen, allowing them to re-sterilize and re-use loops. Others prefer or need to use single-use, disposable plastic applicators. Planting and streaking specimens under the safety hood usually requires the use of plastic disposable loops. Plastic loops are also manufactured with different types of plastic material that impact the loops' rigidity or flexibility in order to meet different user preferences. Rigid plastic loops often work better for scraping or harvesting organisms from a slant or plate and for making stab cultures. Different tasks and preferences mean that many laboratories want to stock different types of loops. COPAN is unique because it offers both rigid and flexible loops to accommodate different users' preferences.


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  • Free of Lubricants, Oils and Electrostatic Charges

    Eliminating electrostatic charges, lubricants and oils allows for consistent wetting of the plastic and enables the correct surface tension on the inside walls of the loop. The correct size droplet is formed and complete transfer of this volume takes place without leaving behind any beads of liquid.

    Hexagonal Loop Shaft for Easy Handling

    The shaft of each COPAN loop has a hexagonal shape creating a handle with six flat surfaces. This unique design facilitates maximum grip and easy orientation of the loop head. When planting and streaking cultures for isolated colonies, the hexagonal handle allows the Microbiologist to quickly and easily rotate the loop head from one flat side to another or from flat side to the edge of the loop. Diluting streaks for isolated colonies can be performed very quickly and smoothly through this easy action. The hexagonal loop shaft helps the Microbiologist index the first streak then to rotate the loop head to achieve the second, third and fourth dilution streaks.

    Choice in Packaging Available

    COPAN loops are available in zip lock resealable bags, medical peel pouches, individually wrapped or in plastic tubes.

    Loop Accuracy Certified Using Evans Blue Dye Method

    The volume delivery consistency of each production lot of loops is quality controlled and certified using the Evans Blue Dye Method. This method measures the actual volume of liquid transferred by a loop.

    Certification of Calibration in Every Pack
    NiChrome Wire Loop

    COPAN offers a wide selection of economical and durable NiChrome wire loops (calibrated and non-calibrated), handles and combo loops.

    Ultra Smooth

    COPAN NiChrome wire loops have completely smooth surfaces and will not cut or gouge through agar medium when streaking plate cultures.

    Flexible and Rapid Cooling

    Loops are made of an 80/20 Nickel-Chrome metal wire for durability and rapid cooling following heat sterilization. A strand of wire is molded around a specific pin size to form the loop shape and then the ends of wire strand are twisted together. The testing process gives the loops its characteristic flexibility.

    Durable and Economical

    Designed to be durable and long lasting, COPAN NiChrome loops can last for last many weeks or months depending on the frequency of use. The loops cost less than traditional platinum-rhodium loops.

    Certificate of Calibration Provided with Each Purchase"
    Plastic Spreader

    L-Shape Spreaders
    COPAN sterile L-Shape Spreaders have a foot with a completely smooth rounded surface, free of rough edges and imperfections in the plastic. This feature enables even spreading of liquid sample across the surface of agar plates without gouging or cutting the medium.

    T-Shaped Plastic Spreaders

    COPAN sterile T-Shaped Spreaders are designed for spreading and dispersing liquids across the surface of agar culture plates. Spreaders are used for performing bacterial CFU plate counts on water, milk, urine and other liquid samples. COPAN T-Shaped Spreaders have all smooth rounded surfaces to prevent any cutting or gouging of agar during inoculation of culture plates. The T-Shape design means that even pressure is applied across the entire length of the T-bar in contact with the agar surface.

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