Sample Preparation Systems

Copan Flock Technologies offers a complete array of custom engineered simple, compact, self contained sample preparation systems for Rapid Point of Collection Assays. Samples are often collected in situations where the simplicity of sample preparation is of paramount importance to perform quick accurate rapid tests. esting can be in a point-of-care (POC) scenario at a patient’s bedside or at a roadside investigation when drugs of abuse are suspected. CFT’s Sample Preparation Systems are preassembled, ready to use devices for sample preparation at the point of collection. CFT’s sample processing tubes are made of soft  exible plastic, and when combined with the tethered dropper form a squeezable dispensing device, it can be used to apply one or more droplets onto a lateral  ow test cartridge.


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  • Scientific Studies

  • No need for additional sample preparation supplies                                                                    
    Customized products 

    Custom Design, Mold, and Fill Key Components for your Assay. Can be  lled with one or two reagents for sample treatment depending upon the assay chemistry. Cap allows samples to be sealed and forwarded to a reference lab.                                                                                                                      

    Custom filter retains particles or semi solid debris                                                        
    Sample preparation devices are customizable 

    and may include a com- bination of sample processing tubes, reagents, tethered dropper, tube cap and FLOQSwab™.                                                                         

    Pre filled with two separate reagents

     which are kept separate until use.                                                                      

    Ideal for single shot testing 
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