The modular automated platform for the incubation, storage, digitization and recording of inoculated bacteriology plates.
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WASPLab® is the natural evolution of the WASP® project and Copan philosophy and takes care of the incubation/imaging of the plates and brings the customer into the world of Digital Bacteriology. Before and during the incubation, the unique and patent pending WASPLab® vision system acquires images that will be available in digital high-quality format to the lab technician to perform the reading phase. Through the support of a user-friendly and fully customizable web based application the user can read and manage the plates without to physically take plates out of the incubator. Each operator can access this platform through a login, making available various functions for different type of login. The system architecture provides a full audit trail of all operations. The picking phase on the isolated colonies is managed by the operator thanks to a semi-automatic laser-assisted procedure that helps the operator in carrying out its activities and keeps track of all the data; this proprietary system is called C-Tracer®.
Bringing forward the vision on this exciting and evolutionary project, today Copan is engaged to the automatization of further steps of the workflow: one example is the ongoing development of an automatic picking system (Colibrì™), whose goal is the further reduction of the hands-on time on the re-work steps. WASPLab®, a sophisticated barcode driven Microbiology specimen processor and work-up system, connects with WASP® using a conveyor track. WASPLab® moves samples from front end processing to full specimen management, automated incubation and digital Microbiology. With its modular design and small footprint, WASPLab® can be customized to the unique needs of the lab. The robotic plate management system, smart incubators and state-of-the-art image acquisition technology are changing the way labs work and opening the door for groundbreaking digital Microbiology.