Automation of preparation for the analytical phase
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Colibrì™ system automatizes the preparation phase of the diagnostic activities maintaining a level of flexibility that allows the device to generate outputs compatible with other laboratory instruments.
The operator selects the colonies and the activities to be performed, Colibrì™ receives this information and elaborates the sequence of mechanical actions that need to be reproduced in order to prepare the output in a format that can be introduced in the diagnostic devices own by the Microbiology Laboratory.
Colibrì™ covers the preparation of targets for mass spectrometer identification, the preparation of plates and microbial suspension for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test (AST). The instrument transfers the specimen information to other devices allowing traceability of the sample ID process.


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    Does the aspiration mode also pick part of the agar under the colony selected? Can the agar affect the measure of the turbidity of the suspension?

    No, during the validation phase many test has been done to assure that eventual parts of agar in the suspension don’t false the measure of the McFarland. The tests demonstrate that rarely, parts of agar can be taken in the aspiration process due to its texture and physical characteristics.

    Is there any risk of cross-contamination using Colibrì™?

    No. like it happens in WASP®, individualized specimen management, containment and confinement measures ensure a clean work environment. Colibrì™ also has a HEPA filter to bathe critical areas with clean air and vacuums away any aerosols to optimize specimen containment and confinement.

    What type of plate can Colibrì™ handle and process?

    Colibrì™ is able to handle every media plate with 90mm diameter*.

    *In order to grant the reliability of the diagnostic results to which Colibrì™ contribute and allow the safe and correct functioning of the system, spare parts, consumables and technical support must be provided by Copan (or by our authorized distributors); above all, any third party’s containers and culture plates to be used on Colibrì™ instruments must be approved by Copan.

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    Dimensions: 43.5 inches wide x 81.5 inches long x 76 inches high (111 cm wide x 207 cm long x 193 cm high)
    Weight: Approximately 1,300 lbs (590 kg)
    Input Voltage: 220V, 20Amps
    Network Ethernet: 100 MB
    Interface: LIS interface available upon request
    Peripherals: Touch screen monitor, external barcode reader, label printer
    Certifications: CE, UL, CSA
    Electrical Receptacle Plug: HBL2321 250V / 20A (for USA and Canada)

    Scientific Studies

  • Space and Flexibility

    The Colibrì™ system follows the winning choice made with WASP® for an automation of the pre-analytic phase contained in a small space. Colibrì™ has the same dimensions as WASP® making possible to include the device in as many laboratory as possible. Colibrì™ also allows the communication and traceability of the patient sample through all the lab devices, thanks to the flexibility and feasibility of its parts and its RFID, barcode reading, and labeling components.


    Thanks to its orthogonal axes system and laser device, introduced as a natural evolution of the imaging technology used in WASPLab®, Colibrì™ can rely on a high level of precision respectively in the detection of the colony positions and calculation of the ”Z quote”. This features gives to the Colibrì™ process a remarkable level of repeatability and reliability.

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