Lab Automation allows the microbiology laboratory to perform a significant portion of its routine activities in a fully automated way, generating value in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Pre-analitics is a fundamental step also in the microbiology field. It needs to be done quickly, to a high-level of standardization and with full traceability of all items and steps. Reliable and accurate diagnosis depends on the quality of the samples and proficiency of specimen setup. COPAN automated solutions provide a response to these needs. COPAN Lab automation System workflow begins at the inoculation phase; this activity is performed by the WASP®. The next steps are the incubation of the plates in O2 or CO2 conditions, followed by reading and picking activities. The advanced technologies employed in terms of hardware, combined with integrated image analysis software, allow the lab operators to look at the plates on a screen and make most decisions on them in a fast and simple way.