SRK® Pharma

Rapid, Simple, Cost Efficient System to Assess Microbial Presence on Surfaces and Equipment


Swabbing is one of the most widely used methods for microbiological examination of surfaces. COPAN's line of SRK® (Swab Rinse Kits) offers comprehensive sampling systems for the pharmaceutical industry. The kits developed for Pharma industries are collection and trasport systems for microbiological monitoring of surfaces in Clean Rooms, Isolators Production lines and Pharmaceutical production sites. A widely used and effective method for the detection and quantitation of microorganisms is to pre-moisten a swab with a solution prior to sampling and then to rinse the swab after the sample has been collected for analysis. Pre-moistened swabs improve the uptake of sample material, particularly when sampling dry surfaces. FLOQSwabs® improve sampling as they allow to collect and release a far greater amount of sample than traditional fiber swabs. Moreover thanks to immediate elution of the sample into the medium, FLOQSwabs® help reducing the processing time. Pharma SRK® kits are triple wrapped in VHP resistant pouches in order to be suitable to be used in isolators and cleanrooms.