SRK® Food

Rapid, Simple, Cost Efficient System to Assess Microbial Presence on Surfaces and Equipment


Swabbing is one of the most widely used methods for microbiological examination of surfaces. COPAN's line of SRK® (Swab Rinse Kits) offers comprehensive sampling systems for the food industry. The kits developed for Food industries are designed for bacteriological sampling of food (meat, cheese, etc.) and production lines surfaces. Cleaning validations ensure that a cleaning process removes residues of the products manufactured; it is necessary before the implementations of new equipments or cleaning programmes and it is also required after aleration in the processes. To support this COPAN offers a wide range of innovative collection and transport systems for microbiological monitoring of food and production line surfaces that can be used for sampling procedures as described in ISO 18593:2004, ISO 17604:2003, and EU directive 2001/471/EC.


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    What does SRK stand for?

    Swab Rinse Kit.

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    Scientific Studies

  • Easy to use:

    The swab system is a superior method for sampling uneven or irregular surfaces, equipment or difficult to reach sites and heavily contaminated surfaces. Inspectors and Quality Assurance personnel can use SRK® products on-site or in the field.

    Bacteria and molds Bioburden Control System:

    Facilitates routine surface monitoring in sites to determine the microbial bioburden of surfaces within manufacturing areas, as well as on equipment and product contact areas.

    Superior Method for Sampling Uneven or Irregular Surfaces:

    With swabs you can easily sample from difficult-to-reach areas.

      • Choice of sampling probe
      • FLOQSwabs®
      • Plastic/viscose applicator
      • Sponge spatula
      • Choice of media
      • SRK® Solution
      • Lethen Broth
      • Buffer Pepton Water
      • Kits with one or more swabs
      • Tube with different medium filling volume
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