Advanced System for Collection, Transport and Preservation of Urine
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Copan UriSponge™* is an advanced system for collection, transport and preservation of urine specimens from the collection site to the testing laboratory. In the laboratory, UriSponge™ specimens are processed for the cultivation of bacteria and Candida albicans.

*Formerly know as Uriswab™


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    How is UriSponge™ Used?

    Urine can be collected using UriSponge™ by either dipping the applicator sponge into urine until saturated, or by urinating directly onto the sponge. With either procedure, the UriSponge™ applicator should be returned to the tube and the cap secured.

    How is the Urine Preserved?

    Preservatives, Boric Acid and Sodium Formate are chemically bonded into the sponge and are activated on contact with urine.

    How long does the system maintain viability of bacteria?

    UriSponge™ is able to maintain the viability of bacteria at refrigerated and room temperature conditions for up to 48 hours.

    What can the system be used for?

    UriSponge™ can be used for traditional culture, as well as for preservation of nucleic acids.

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    Scientific Studies

  • COPAN UriSponge™ comprises of a screw cap tube containing a plastic applicator stick attached to the tube cap. The applicator stick has two cylindrical shaped sponges located at the opposite end to the cap.

    Versatile System

    UriSponge™ can be used for traditional culture, as well as for preservation of nucleic acids.

    Easy to Use

    Preservatives, Boric Acid and Sodium Formate, chemically bonded into the sponge, are activated on contact with urine. Simply urinate directly onto the sponge applicator or dip into sample cup, close the container and send it to the lab for analysis.

    No Fill Line Needed

    Stoichiometric principle guarantees mixture of urine and preservatives in correct proportions.

    Safe, Shatterproof Polypropylene Skirted Tube

    Distinctive tube has an internal conical shape enabling centrifugation of samples. Shape also allows tubes to stand upright on the laboratory bench.

    Able to Maintain the Viability of Bacteria at Refrigerated and Room Temperature Conditions for up to 48 Hours
    *Not available in the United States
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