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Self sampling device
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Simplification and miniaturization of diagnostic tests have allowed for testing being performed outside laboratories such as in physicians’ offices, pharmacies, clinics and even at-home settings.
Diversity of patients and testing may result in different propensity to collection setting namely HOME, point-of-care and hospital. As part of the clinical decision-making process, near-patient and POC tests can be sensibly combined and utiliszed with a self-collection to reduce the spread of disease and increase participation.
It is a common belief that self-sampling is a necessity responding to the needs of all the involved parties. From patient’s standpoint, there may be practical and organizational barriers, namely travel, logistic and childcare issues, work commitments, emotional barriers such as embarrassment, fear of discomfort, and cultural factors. Positive and useful aspects are identified into self-collection by Health Organizations. Due to the self-sampling offer, such involved organizations have witnessed an increased attendance rate to their health programs.

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    Features of Self Vaginal Collection

    Self Vaginal Collection-Device Features
    • Easy to use
    • Made of nylon FLOQSwabs® for soft collection
    • Round shape design to reduce discomfort during the collection
    • Designed to standardize the collection (one time right, no repeated sampling)
    • Ergonomic shaft to facilitate the rotatory movement
    • Red mark to show fingers position
    • Ability to preserve nucleic acids stability up to 4 weeks at room temperature
    • The new solution for home self-sampling, collection, shipping and easy processing in the laboratory
    • Quantitative Volume Transfer

    Benefits of Self Vaginal Collection

    Self Vaginal Collection Benefits

    "Women are really busy” the self-collected vaginal swab is a newer method of collection that offers several advantages compared to traditional methods:

    • Reduce waste of time for women that don’t want to take time off from work
    • Absolute privacy
    • Increased comfort
    • Reduced anxiety
    • Cost-effective way to increase participation in STD and HPV screening programs


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