Specimen Collection and Preservation Optimized for Molecular and Culture Applications
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MSwab® is intended for the collection and transport of clinical specimens for a centralized BACTERIOLOGY and VIROLOGY laboratory. MSwab® offers the possibility to collect, transport and lyse the sample in the same tube without the need for futher manipulation. MSwab® is a true all-round pre-analytical device designed for optimized compatibility with molecular platforms, allowing back-up culturing of bacteria* and viruses*. MSwab® special formulation enables rapid direct nucleic acid heat extraction and testing by real-time PCR, eliminating the need for chimical extraction.

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    What does the "M" in MSwab® stand for?


    Can MSwab® be used with the Roche cobas® system?

    MSwab® (code 404C.R) is validated by Roche to be used with cobas® system.
    See pack insert of Roche cobas® MRSA and HSV 1 and 2 molecular tests for more details.

    Can I have the list of other platforms validated with MSwab®?

    Yes! Please contact us and we will be happy to provide the most updated list.

    Can MSwab® be used for culture applications?

    MSwab® is suitable for some culture applications specifically, aerobic Gram positive bacteria and HSV 1 and 2 cell culture. Please refer to package insert for a list of bacteria and & viruses maintained by MSwab® for culture.

    Are custom kits available?

    Yes! Please visit our custom kit section or contact COPAN for more details.

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  • MSwab® medium provides homogeneous aliquots of the same sample suspension to run multiple tests from the same tube: from molecular assays to culture. It is ideal for:
      • rapid direct nucleic acid heat extraction and testing by real-time PCR and isothermal amplification
      • traditional nucleic acids extraction
      • viruses and bacteria culture
      • rapid antigen testing
    Mswab™ system provides:
      • DNA /RNA stabilization . gram + (i.e. MRSA) . GRAM - (i.e. bordetella pertussis) . viruses (i.e. HSV 1&2)
      • high compatibility with molecular NAAT and isothermal amplification systems
      • extraction efficiency
      • time and reagents cost saving: MSwab™ shortens specimen processing time as you may prepare a crude lysate in 5 minutes.
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