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M40 Transystem™

Advantage Swab Transport System for Microbiology
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The M40 Transystem™ line is the latest generation of traditional bacteriology transport swabs. It was designed to provide the ultimate performance capability with the most diverse range of fastidious aerobic and anaerobic bacteria including Neisseria gonorrhoeae, sustaining viability during transit or storage at room temperature and refrigerator temperatures for up to 48 hours (at least 24 hours for Neisseria gonorrhoeae). M40 Transystem™ performs in full compliance with the CLSI M40-A standard and is available in Liquid Amies, Liquid Stuart and Amies Agar Gel with or without charcoal formulas. M40 Transystem™ applicator swabs are manufactured using a unique bio-treatment process together with a careful selection of glue and binding agents that maximizes organism survival on the swab, and subsequent release into the test platform or onto the culture media.


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  • Proprietary State of the Art Outer Packaging

    VI-PAK packaging uses a high-tech composite of metallic foil and barrier plastic film proven to provide the ultimate product protection and shelf life stability. The outer foil packs block oxygen entry providing a barrier to oxidation of the transport medium and protects against any media degradation from direct sunlight. VI-PAK also extends the product shelf life by preventing dehydration of the liquid and agar medium before the end of the product's shelf life.

    High Visibility Clear Plastic Envelope with Tamper Evident Seal

    Clear package of each transport system ensures that the correct product is selected for the appropriate investigation. The package seal immediately changes color from clear to white as soon as pack is peeled open. The tamper evident seal provides visual guarantee of first time use, product sterility and integrity.

    Lot Number, Expiry Date and Description on Every Unit

    The printing of lot number, expiration date and product description on each swab pack enables correct inventory rotation, traceability and product use within prescribed dating.

    Nitrogen Flushed Barrier Outer and Inner Pack

    During product assembly, atmospheric air is vacuumed out of the individual plastic pouch and Vi-PAK foil pack is flushed with nitrogen creating ideal low Eh conditions.

    Waterproof, Moisture Guarded Packaging

    Waterproof and moisture guarded packagingeliminates risk of accidental contamination of sterile pack contents by penetration of water condensation or contact between outside of the swab pack and moist or wet surfaces.

    Stabilized Media Integrity

    The metallic foil of the Vi-PAK barrier outer pack and the high-tech composite plastic film of the swab pouch slow down penetration of atmospheric oxygen preventing media oxidation and stop dehydration of liquid or agar gel medium before end of product shelf life.

    No Free Radicals or Superoxide

    VI-PAK outer foil pack protects against ultra violet light damage. Plastic, Recyclable Packaging All product packaging is made from 100% plastic film ensuring that no fiber sheds onto product, an important consideration for use in surgical rooms.

    COPAN Stringent Quality Control

    In order to ensure very low levels of nonviable bacteria, every lot of finished goods as well as raw materials is tested rigorously against a diverse selection of QC organisms and following the CLSI M40-A standard. All media contains less than two nonviable bacterial cells per 10 high power microscopic fields.

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