COPAN's invention related to a method for collection and transfer of biological samples: FLOQSwabs®
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Scientific studies show that FLOQSwabs® significantly improve the quantity of sample collected and sample released into various culture and assay system, improving the sensitivity of various diagnostic tests and the quality of diagnostics. Better diagnostics begin with better samples and better samples are obtained by using proper sample collection methods. Through extensive co-operations with key opinion leaders and clinical evaluations, Copan has designed and developed anatomically shaped FLOQSwabs® that allow to optimize the efficiency of the target analyte collection with improved patient’s comfort. By offering superior absorption and superior release, FLOQSwabs® increase the sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic assays.


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    What is a FLOQSwabs®?

    FLOQSwabs® comprise of a solid molded plastic applicator shaft with a tip that can vary in size and shape. The tip of the applicator is coated with short Nylon® fibers that are arranged in a perpendicular fashion.

    What is the difference between a FLOQSwabs® and a traditional swab?

    FLOQSwabs® have no internal absorbent core to disperse and entrap the specimen, unlike traditional fiber wound swabs, which resemble a mattress or cushion.

    Why are FLOQSwabs® better than traditional swabs?

    Because of the design, FLOQSwabs® are better than traditional swabs because they absorb more sample due to capillarity and because the sample stays on the surface, it is eluted rapidly and on its entirety.

    I am looking for a FLOQSwabs® for my assay and I need a particular shape that I cannot find on your website.

    Having pioneered FLOQSwabs®, COPAN has extensive understanding of analyte management and specimen flow-dynamics. COPAN will work with you to develop a solution for collection, transport and preservation of your sample that will work in tandem with your assay.

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    Scientific Studies

  • COPAN‘s invention related to a method for collection and transfer of biological samples: FLOQSwabs®. The application of the flocked fiber technology to the medical field was a huge breakthrough in the pre-analytics of Microbiology. Our FLOQSwabs® have changed pre-analytics by giving clinicians an intuitive and easy to use sample collection tool that improves diagnostics. So many independent studies have proven that the use of Copan flocked swabs significantly improves the quantity and quality of samples collected and released into different culture and assays. Despite presence of imitators, FLOQSwabs® are widely recognized as the gold standard in sample collection.

    Maximizing the clinical diagnostics

    Thanks to flocking technology, the collection swab is designed to fit the human anatomy and physiology of the sampling site, then it is molded and flocked. By this development flow, FLOQSwabs® drive the sample collection step to optimize the assay and diagnostic sensitivity. The open fiber structure of FLOQSwabs® collects fluids, secretions or remove human cells while the superior fluid dynamics grants the release of the collected analyte into the assay. Unlike traditional fiber wound swabs, which resemble a mattress or cushion, FLOQSwabs® have no internal absorbent core to disperse and entrap the specimen. The entire sample stays close to the surface for fast and complete elution. The perpendicular Nylon® fibers serve as a soft brush and allow improved collection of cell samples. Capillary action between the fiber strands facilitates strong hydraulic uptake of liquid sample, and the sample stays close to the surface allowing easy elution. 

    Ergonomic and anatomic design

    The collection tool is projected and design in respect of anatomy of the collection site: this improves patient comfort and efficiency in specimen collection.

    Plenty of sample for more investigations

    The improved fluid dynamics and the unique fibre structure of FLOQSwabs® keeps the sample close to the surface and easy to elute into a liquid solution. Such liquid solution will contain not just 1 swab sample but plenty of sample for additional testing or retesting. Sample eluted in liquid format finally opened to doors to Liquid Based Microbiology® (LBM®) and automation in the laboratories.

    Reproducibility and Repeatability

    High level of reliability, reproducibility and repeatability thanks to consistent and standardized absorption and release.

    Rapid automatic elution

    Instant and spontaneous release into liquid media.

    Quantitative volume transfer

    Measurable and consistent uptake and transfer from patient to test tube.

    Maximum fluid transfer

    Perpendicular flocked fibers provide efficient absorption and complete release of liquid sample.

    Maximun Cellular Tranfer

    Velvet brush-like texture rapidly and efficiency dislodges cells and allows complete dispersal in sample buffer or preservation medium.

    Compability with Multiple Application and Platforms

    FLOQSwabs® are versatile and ideal for rapid antigen testing, EIA, PCR and molecular-based assays, DFA and cytology testing, bacteriology and virology culture.

    Customizable Treatments

    FLOQSwabs® tip can be treated, coated or activated according to specific customization requirements in terms of enhanced or dynamics, performance, target analyte, etc.

    Safe Breakpoint

    Safe and convenient molded breakpoint.

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