Ready to use positive and negative qualitative and quantitative control swabs
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FLOQ®Controls are ready-to-use and room temperature stable positive and negative control swabs for single and multiple analytes. FLOQ®Controls are fully customizable on specific assay requirements and thanks to FLOQSwabs® delivery system, they provide reliable and consistent analyte concentration that can be easily quantified. In addition, by using a FLOQSwab®, less analyte concentration than with fiber swabs will be needed, which could lead to cost savings for the kit manufacturer, while retaining the best quality of the test. COPAN’s in depth knowledge of analyte management and analyte stability, makes the company a valuable partner to help kit manufacturers and diagnostics companies achieve the best QC controls for their assay.


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  • FaQ

    What is a FLOQSwab®?

    In contrast to a traditional fiber swab, which comprises of a fiber wad in which sample can get trapped, a FLOQSwabs® has no internal core. Nylon® fibers are sprayed onto the plastic applicator and act as a soft velvet brush allowing improved collection of cell samples. Capillary action between the Nylon® fiber strands facilitates strong hydraulic uptake of liquid samples. Sample stays close to the surface allowing fast and complete elution.

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    Scientific Studies

  • Best Analyte Stability:

    FLOQ®Controls are backed by Copan’s intellectual property and expertise on analyte management to achieve the best stability of the analyte.

    Customizable quantitative and qualitative QC Swab Controls
    Easy to use and room temperature stable:

    no refrigeration needed, no lyophilized controls.

    Different manufacturing processes available:

    Heat Dried, Vacuum Dried and Freeze Dried depending on analyte sensitivity.

    High absorbency and release rate of the active principle allows quantitative absorbtion into the fibers of FLOQSwabs®
    Test sensitivity verification:

    Assay specific limits of detection (LOD) or cut -off can be precisely verified using FLOQ®Controls quantitatively dosed-analyte.

    Multi analyte capability:

    apply multiple analytes on the same QC control.

    Color coded applicators are available on request
    Custom pacjaging available 
    Examples of qualitative QC controls developed by COPAN include following antigens:

    Flu A, Flu B, Flu A&B combo, RSV, Adeno virus, Rota virus, Adeno and Rota virus combo, Helicobacter pylori, and Legionella pneumophila.

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