Multiple Specimen Collection and Transport System Modified Liquid Amies
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ESwab® is the only liquid-based multipurpose collection and transport system that maintains viability of aerobic, anaerobic and fastidious bacteria for up to 48 hours at room and refrigerator temperature (GC up to 24h). ESwab® is a truly open platform suitable for automation, gram stains, traditional culture, and molecular assays. With a Flocked Swab and 1 ml of modified Liquid Amies, ESwab® elutes the entire sample into the medium providing to the lab aliquots of liquid sample suspension which can be used to run multiple tests from a single specimen collected from a patient. It represents an ideal collection and transport system to be used for automated liquid handling, such as Copan’s WASP®: Walk-Away Specimen Processor.


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    What is ESwab®?

    ESwab® is a liquid-based multipurpose collection and transport system for Microbiology. It consists of a flocked swab and a tube containing 1mL of liquid Amies.

    What is a flocked swab?

    In contrast to a traditional fiber swab, which comprises of a fiber wad in which sample can get trapped, a flocked swab has no internal core. Nylon® fibers are sprayed onto the plastic applicator and act as a soft velvet brush allowing improved collection of cell samples. Capillary action between the Nylon® fiber strands facilitates strong hydraulic uptake of liquid samples. Sample stays close to the surface allowing fast and complete elution.

    What types of bacteria does ESwab® support?

    ESwab® is FDA cleared for collection and transport of specimens for the maintenance and recovery of aerobic, anaerobic and fastidious bacteria.

    How long does ESwab® support bacteria?

    Up to 48 hours at room and refrigerator temperature. Neisseria gonorrhoeae survival is 24 hours.

    I've heard that ESwab® is a multipurpose transport system. What does this mean?

    ESwab® is a versatile collection and transport system, which can be used for traditional culture for aerobes, anaerobes, fastidious bacteria. Additionally ESwab® can be used for Gram stains, automation, rapid antigen testing* and molecular assays*.
    *Must be self-validated.

    Can ESwab® be used for multiple tests?

    Yes! Because ESwab® provides 1mL of homogenous liquid sample, it provides up to 10 aliquots of identical sample to perform multiple tests.

    Can ESwab® be used for molecular applications?

    Always consult product inserts, instructions for use and manuals for the appropriate use of all products. While ESwab® is not specifically manufactured for molecular test use, many laboratories have validated ESwab® with specific assay platforms and have seen great results. If your lab is interested in validating ESwab®, you can view numerous validation studies visiting the scientific studies section of this website.

    Does ESwab® work with automation?

    Yes! In fact, ESwab® is approved for use with WASP®.  For compatibility of ESwab® with other automated platforms please refer to the documentation of the respective manufacturer.

    How is the sample collected using ESwab®?

    At point of care, the ESwab® cap is unscrewed and removed. After the sample is collected from the patient, the swab is inserted to the bottom of the ESwab® tube and the swab shaft is broken at the marked, molded break point. The cap is screwed back onto the tube. The sample is labeled and sent to the lab.

    What is the benefit of the ESwab® capture cap?

    The capture cap feature allows the operator to conveniently remove the swab and perform various microbiology analyses using the cap as a handle to hold and manipulate the swab.

    Must the swab be used to perform my tests?

    No. Because the sample is eluted into the media, the specimen is in the liquid, not on the swab. While the swab may be used as a transfer device, many labs prefer a loop or a transfer pipet to take an aliquot for testing.

    Does COPAN hold a patent for flocked swabs?

    Yes, COPAN is the inventor of flocked swabs and holds patents in the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and China.

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    Product Applications

    eSwab® application empowered by other companies

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    Scientific Studies

  • Reproducibility and Repeatability

    High level of reliability, reproducibility and repeatability thanks to consistent and standardized absorption and release.

    Ergonomic and Anatomic Design

    Improved patient comfort and efficiency in specimen collection.

    Rapid Automatic Elution

    Instant and spontaneous release into liquid media.

    Quantitative Volume Transfer

    Measurable and consistent uptake and transfer from patient to test tube.

    Maximun Fluid Tranfer

    Perpendicular flocked fibers provide efficient absorption and complete release of liquid sample.

    Maximun Cellular Tranfer

    Velvet brush-like texture rapidly and efficiency dislodges cells and allows complete dispersal in sample buffer or preservation medium.

    Compability with Multiple Application and Platforms

    FLOQSwabs® are versatile and ideal for rapid antigen testing, EIA, PCR and molecular-based assays, DFA and cytology testing, bacteriology and virology culture.

    Customizable Treatments

    FLOQSwabs® tip can be treated, coated or activated according to specific customization requirements in terms of enhanced or dynamics, performance, target analyte, etc.

    Safe Breakpoint

    Safe and convenient molded breakpoint.


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