Wide Variety of Quality Plastic Standard and Special Sizes

Disposable plastic Pasteur pipets, commonly referred to as Transfer Pipets, are an essential product widely used by hospital, research and industrial laboratories for transferring liquids and clinical samples during diagnostic testing or analytical research.  COPAN Disposable Transfer Pipets are ideal for safely transferring and dispensing liquids in all types of laboratories.

A wide range of standard and special type pipets are available (For in Vitro diagnostic use):

    • Blood Bank Pipets
    • Graduated Pipets
    • Narrow Stem Pipets
    • Fine Tip Pipets
    • Paddle Pipet
    • General Purpose Pipets
    • Extra Large Pipets
    • Dropless Pipet



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  • High Quality Material

    COPAN Pipets are produced using an optimal blend of low density polyethylene allowing for a highly controlled dispensing of liquid. COPAN's line of sterile wrapped pipets are packaged using medical grade paper and plastic film.

    Non-Toxic Pipets can be safely incinerated
    Pipets can be heat-sealed and frozen at very low temperatures, down to -70°C
    A wide range of standard and special type pipets are available for various applications
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