MilkyWay™ is a fully automatic system specifically designed for pour plate technique in microbiological quality control. MilkyWay™ pours just prepared media into Petri dishes and dispense samples with an automated liquid handler.


    • Dairy Products
    • Meat*
    • Vegetables*
    • Cosmetics*


*Under Development


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    Plus Features

    Barcode Label

    on the samples and Petri dishes in order to track all the process.

    Compatible with multiple containers

    from finished product cases to stomacher bags.

    Media Flexibility

    choosing type of media, number of layers required and volumes.

    Media Preparation

    the system can be connected to autoclaves and manage the flow of the media through a peristaltic pump.

    Cooling System

    allows fast gelification of poured media.

    Special Shaker

    sample mixed with media to guarantee the homogeneus growth.

    Air Filter

    prevent cross contamination between processed samples.

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    Scientific Studies

  • In compliance with ISO Standards

    MilkyWay™ is designed to allow the technician to perform protocols in accordance with the relevant ISO standard (ISO 7218:2007, ISO 6887-5:2010, ISO 21528-2:2004 – last update July 2017).

    Database Connection

    The analysis result can be automatically transferred to own database.

    Customized System

    with your current validated protocols.

    Walk Away System

    few personnel required for daily machine operation.

    Fully Traceability

    from production line to batch release.

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