Fully-automated system for Human DNA samples processing and traceability.
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The intended use of the Card Processing Automation 300™ (CPA300™) is to fill a 96-wells PCR plate with human’s saliva or blood samples extracted from COPAN framed NUCLEIC-CARD™ or other compatible sample collection devices, dispense PCR reagents with an automated liquid handler and seal plates.
Extraction is performed trough a cylindrical punch head (puncher), which detaches a paper disk from the card containing the DNA sample and places it into one well of the PCR plate underneath.
CPA300™ is a fully-automated and walk-away instrument: after the user loads all the cards and the plates into the dedicated slots, the system can automatically handle the cards, detect the saliva/blood spot and punch up to 300 cards in a single run.
Moreover, the CPA300™ instrument, being a modular device, may implement an automatic pipette for PCR reagents liquid handling and a heat sealer to secure plates through an aluminum film.
CPA300™ is compatible with all the framed sample collection devices currently present in the market, including COPAN framed NUCLEIC-CARD™, Whatman framed FTA™ cards and Bode Buccal 2™. Performances are optimized when processing COPAN NUCLEIC-CARD™ with cleaning area: the system automatically performs the cleaning strike in the dedicated area on the card to prevent any DNA carry-over effect.
CPA300™ equips barcode readers to ensure the traceability of processed samples and a vision system in order to check the presence of disks inside plate wells.
Until today, CPA300™ instruments have been installed in forensic laboratories for Human DNA database-related activities. Future applications will belong to the clinical field (newborn screening and more…).



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    Scientific Studies

  • High volume Dna labs
    Suitable for extraction as well direct amplification workflow
    Automatic recognition of the coordinates of highest amount of sample
    Up to 3 "96 wells" plates workable in parallel
    Up to 300 cards walk away capacity
    You can use every model of plate, card and reagent
    One plate completed in less than 15 minutes
    LIS connection available
    Possibility of customisation according to your workflow


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