Transport & Preservation for Cells and Nucleic Acids
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CyMol™ is suitable for the preservation of nucleic acids as well as cellular morphology studies. Also indicated for Pap Smear Preparation.



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    Scientific Studies




  • Versatile:

    For pap smear preparation, cellular morphology or nucleic acids reserch.

    Special formulation:

    The mixture of three different types of alcohol guarantees perfect preservation of the specimen and eliminates overgrowth from the normal bacterial flora.

    Choice of tube size and medium fill volume:

    Available in different product formats: 12 x 80mm tubes,16 x 100mm tubes and 25 x 90mm containers. 2 ml, 3 ml and 10 ml ll volumes available.

    Validated for HPV and STD screening:

    CyMol™ medium maintains the stability of the specimen nucleic acid for the detection of HPV, Chlamydia and GC, with RNA and DNA based molecular amplification assays.

    Combined with FLOQSwabs® for sample collection:

    Separately available, CyMol™ can be combined to a wide choice of of FLOQSwabs® which optimal anatomical geometries increases the quantity of cells collected and released, for improved test sensitivity.

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